MACO CALDERON figures are sophisticated, geometrical and minimalist to create timeless garments, with natural, muted colors, and refined cuts tinged with barbaric elegance, as if luxury was not what mattered.
While reinterpreting clothes from the folklore of past cultures, he has been clinging to shamanic traditions : man as part of the cosmos.
He proposes a new concept regarding clothes’ aesthetics, which transforms basic codes of the Haute Culture garments.
He uses alpaca’s wool, a sacred animal fiber from the Andes considered as one of the finest fibers in the whole world, which has been revered for centuries due to its exceptional qualities: light, silk-like, very warm and resistant.
He also uses Pima cotton from Peru, one of the longest, silky and resistant, as well as native cotton, which has been used from early times on and boasts a unique, natural hue.
Pima Cotton has a certification: Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
Clothing items by Maco are produced through ancient technical devices such as horizontal and straight weaving looms, hand-made knitting, crochet, looking for the perfect balance between past and future.
They are produced by local, Peruvian-born craftsmen, between the Andes and the Selva, who managed to preserve traditional skills.
As part as his ethical commitment to Fair Trade and Social and Cultural Responsibility, Maco Calderon provides these craftsmen with advice and training concerning trends, conception, design, and creation.

Haute Culture.

Cohesion between the product and its priority.
Traceability of the environmental impact
The history of clothes, how, when and where.